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An NPC focused on hygiene awareness

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Who we are

We are a registered Non-Profit Company based in South Africa that aims to equip people with the necessary tools and knowledge to practice personal hygiene. We recycle containers and fill them up with tissues, pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, facecloths, bar of soap and facemask.



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The benefits of our work in SA

5 Star To Health aims to equip people with the necessary knowledge as well as products to practice hygiene. We strive to prevent the spread of illness and disease. Up to date we have already equipped 338 people (and counting) in poor and underprivileged communities, with hygiene products. 5 Star To Health provides a link between people who have and people who don’t, creating a supporting and caring society.

▪Equip people with hygiene products

▪Change habits to prevent spread of illness

▪Hygiene awareness and education

▪ Care and support

5 Star To Health would like to thank each and every sponsor who has made our work in the community possible. Without you, many children today would not have had the chance to practice basic hygiene skills. If everyone gives a little, we end up with a lot.

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